What Attracts Silverfish?

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If we could somehow figure this out then we might be able to keep them well away and even encourage them out of the house completely. Actually, silverfish have relatively simple needs and it really is not difficult to deprive them of everything they need. The main attractants for these beasts are listed below.


Silverfish love moisture. This is why they are especially abundant in areas built on marsh land or reclaimed land. They are also more common in humid climates. This is also why they seem to grow in numbers after a muggy, rainy day.

If it is a question of the weather and climate then you need to invest in a dehumidifier or air conditioner. You don’t have to make the house extremely dry but you just need to lower the humidity a notch or two.

In some houses it turns out that a leaking pipe is the reason for the silverfish infestation. A leaking pipe is like heaven for these critters and will attract silverfish in handfuls. Check carefully because there may be no other sign that you have even a small leak.

Moisture is one of the two key things that silverfish are both attracted to and also need to live.


Silverfish love carbohydrates. This is why they enjoy setting up home with people because wherever humans are, carbohydrates are not that far behind.

Carbohydrates are sugary or starchy materials. Silverfish need them because they are a source of energy and material for growing. The bad news is that silverfish can live for up to one year without eating! This makes it especially important to make sure that they cannot get hold of any carbohydrates.

The most common food source for silverfish is paper. These pests especially love to find peeled back wallpaper. If you have any spots like this around the house then you need to fix them as soon as possible.

The same goes for documents lying around the house. Keep paper stored away when not in use.

Even the 50 to 100 hairs that fall out of every person’s scalp each day are prime food for silverfish. You should do a daily sweep of the floor while you have an infestation. This is much easier if you just use a vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment.

Silverfish also love sticky liquids like syrups and sauces. All too often though, they die when they start feeding on a large pool of liquid because they get stuck easily.


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